A measurement Solution for the Package Delivery Market

BoxSizeID is an intuitive parcel measurement app that can provide real-time logistic data on package volumes and transportation, resulting in improved operational efficiency and reduced operating expenses.

As consumer demand for the delivery of time-sensitive goods increases, the package delivery market, estimated at $232 billion in 2016, is expected to grow by approximately 4% annually over the next few years. Additionally, average daily package volume for the two largest global courier companies exceeded 30 million per day in 2015.

Additionally, BoxSizeID allows package delivery companies to empower their customers to easily measure the size of a parcel with their Smartphone, calculate the shipping cost and arrange a convenient pick-up time.

The company was founded in 2014 and is traded on the
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (NASDAQ / TASE: MYSZ).

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Key Benefits for package delivery companies:
  • Improved cartonization and accurate manifesting.
  • Data-driven logistics before the packages arrive at distribution centers.
  • Reduced operating costs and increase revenues.
Benefits for Consumers:
  • Ease of measuring packages with their Smartphone
  • Receive a price quote based on measurement
  • Arrange convenient carrier pickup.
Once the application is installed on a driver’s platform, the company will have increased visibility to:
  • Accurately monitor the volume of all parcels and charge clients accordingly.
  • Adjust the number of distribution vehicles accordingly with the ‘real’.
  • Enable customers to simultaneously measure their parcels, monitor theirshipment volumes and obtain a price.

Additional Features

Image Capture

Barcode Scanning

Geolocation Tagging

Use Case:
Katz Corporation

A pilot installation
began in 2017

BoxSizeID demonstrated a high level of accuracy in the pilot performed at Katz Shipping’s logistic center and we expect it will provide the company with significant yearly savings that are estimated to increase the company’s annual income by about 2.5%, to around $1 million.

Dror Katz, CEO


Katz Corporation is the second-largest package delivery company
in Israel, and handles over five million packages annually.

Key Goals
  • Accurately monitor package volume and charge clients accordingly.
  • Reduce operational costs by aligning the number of distribution vehicles accordingly with real-time package volume.
  • Equip drivers with the BoxSizeID App, integrated the company’s ERP, to document package volume.
  • Enable clients to simultaneously measure packages, monitor shipment volumes and receive a price quote prior to shipment (planned at a later stage).

Katz Success Story

It connects to the package delivery company’s ERP system and streams real-time logistics data such as barcode scanning, package images, locations and more.

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