What can I do with BoxSizeID?

BoxSizeID lets you get all the required information of a package in seconds. Both for the delivery company and the consumer.

What data can BoxSizeID provide?

BoxSizeID can deliver the following data
* User ID
* Scanning time
* Geotagging
* Package barcode
* Package dimensions
* Taken pictures
* Comments
And more!

How can I get BoxSizeID?

Please contact us at contact@mysizeid.com for that.

How does BoxSizeID measures?

The user hovers with the smartphone over the package and instantly get the dimension. You can see an example of measurement here.
BoxSizeID utilizes a sophisticated algorithm developed by MySize’s R&D team.
The algorithm is using the smartphone’s motion sensors to extract the distance the phone has traveled.

Can I use BoxSizeID with any smartphone?

BoxSizeID can be used on any iOS and on specific Android models.

Do I have to use your app or can I have it in my own app?

You don’t have to use our app. You can have all the advantages of BoxSizeID in your own app using our SDK.
Please contact us at contact@mysizeid.com for more information.

What is OneShot measurement?

OneShot is a way to measure the package in a single movement without the need of 3 separate movement for each dimension

Can I also measure the package weight?

Currently, you can measure package’s height, width, and length.

What "White Label" app means?

“White Label” app is an app that is developed by MySize totally branded with your brand (logo, colors etc.)

Who are your partners?

Our main partners are Katz Delivery an Israel courier company.

What other apps does MySize have?

Please visit our website to find information about our other products.